Sino Steel PLC, located in Amara National Regional State, North Shewa Zone, Hageremariam Kesem Woreda, Tulufa Administration, on the No. 2 National Highway which is 65 km away from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is highly convenient in the traffic with direct access to main cities in Northeast, such as Debre Birhan, Dessie, Mekele, etc.

The first investment was 70 million US dollars, which will be divided into three phases, for the first phase, the mill, with an area of 12.5 hectares, has the full set of improved high-strength continuous rolling rebar production lines, and self-owned 230 kV power substation, which ensures stable production. Reinforced bars of various specifications and sized for construction purpose can be produced. For the second phase, steel refinery will be invested. And the production line for section steel, or profile steel, in the third phase, will be the project.

Relying on decades of professional experience, adherence to high standard technical specifications and production requirements, the application of advanced international quality management system, the company will make every effort to provide Ethiopian customers the highest quality steel products, casting the brand image of “Sino Steel, Best Steel”.

Sino Steel, with the philosophy of “Human-oriented Quality wins, Resource combination, Achievement shares “, is willing to establish a mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with our clients and make its due contributions for the economic development in Ethiopia.

Sino Steel PLC, main products are rebar’s from 8mm-24mm with G60/G75.The production capacity is 500,000 Tons of rebar per year. All the steel billets are imported from Jingye group with the best quality as raw material. High-tech automatic production line with professional experts and imported high quality billet will provide you the best quality rebar in Ethiopia market. Sino Steel, with the philosophy of “Human oriented, Quality wins, resource combination, achievement shares’, is willing to establish mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with clients. Sino Steel, Best Steel.